The Paris Climate Agency

APC is the operational agency to fight against climate change and to help achieve energy transition for Paris and in the context of the Grand Paris project.

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Publié le : 24 juin 2015

Set up on the initiative of the City of Paris to help achieve the goals of the Climate Action Plan, the Paris Climate Agency has 90 members and partners. It is a key driving force for energy transition, seeking to involve the entire region and assisting with operational projects, particularly the energy retrofit of buildings. By promoting dialogue and debate around these major issues, the APC also helps create a common knowledge base and initiatives to support urban transformation. It brings stakeholders together in an alliance that aims to achieve energy transition in the city and to combat climate change.

The Paris Climate Agency (APC) aim to inform, advise and assist the Parisians in their efforts against climate change and for energy transition. APC is the one-stop shop for energy retrofitting of co-owned properties in Paris; APC energy advisers accompany co-owners in their work on energy efficiency. Since 2013, the Agency is part of the national network of Points Renovation Info Service (PRIS) whose purpose is to inform and advise individuals on energy saving, thermal performance, financial aid, etc…

As nonprofit and multi-partner organization, APC is an operational agency for the energy transition of Paris in 2020. APC is working closely with its members by focusing on agile working methods and proximity to all the stakeholders of the ecological transition.

Its missions

  • To inform, advise and guide the uses to promote behavior change of Parisians through their habitat, their profession, their consumption habits, their modes of transport, etc…
  • To mobilize and to help, professionals and individuals, to engage themselves concretely against global warming.
  • To position itself as the local reference on energy and climate-related topics through workshops, conferences, training, technical notes, etc…

Key partners


The six founders of the agency are either private or public stakeholders: the Paris City Hall, the Île-de-France Region, Météo-France, RATP (public transportation), CPCU (district heating) and EDF (electricity). Partners come from different backgrounds such as companies, non-profit organizations, local authorities, engineering offices… All of these partners reflect the Parisian energy ecosystem turning the APC into a key stakeholder of their networking.

APC is one of the first local multi-partnership energy agencies to have public and institutional (Île-de-France Region, RATP, Météo-France) and private (EDF, CPCU) founders.

APC in short

  • Staff : 25
  • Budget : 1, 7 million euros
  • information and raising awarenes for 6 000 citizens
  • 4000 citizens having a dedicated advice from APC
  • 337 houselholds in fuel poverty identified and 222 households visited
  • 126 workshops and 49 specific workshops for users
  • 18 workshops for professionnals since 2011
  • APC giving advices to416 condominum complex and have specific coaches for 100
  • 10 000 dwellings in major
  • 11 million euros for major energy retrofit

Flagship projects

  • CoachCopro® is an independent and free web service of personal coaching to upgrade the energy efficiency of condimoniums.
  • “Point Renovation Info Service”(PRIS) is a national program that aims at encouraging French people to undertake energy retrofit of their housing and helping them financing this process. It is carried out in Paris by the APC as part of the energy info service in which the Parisians can schedule a free phone meeting with one of our energy advisors (approximately 6000 contacts per year).
  • The agency organizes four times a year workshop-debates. They are moments of expertise and knowledge sharing on current topics between the representative city stakeholders in order to help them implementing best practices and innovation that contribute to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.
  • Lastly, the agency is continuously working on the popularization of Paris climate scenarios and public policies, such as the challenges of the COP21, in order to give references to the Parisians.

Plan Climat Energie de Paris / Paris Climate Action Plan

In October 2007, the Council of Paris unanimously approved the Paris Climate Action Plan, committing the City to a factor 4 scheme in order to decrease its overall emissions by 75% in 2050 compared with 2004.

By 2020, it aims to achieve:

  • -25% GHG emissions by 2020 compare to 2004
  • -25% energy consumption by 2020 compare to 2004
  • 25% of renewable energies in the supply mix by 2020

In 2012, The City of Paris reaffirmed these objectives adopted in the first Climate Action Plan.

» Paris Climate and Energy Action Plan 2012