Together, we will accelerate the ecological transition in Paris

We help Parisians to take practical actions to fight climate change.

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the Agency supports co-owners, professionals, institutions and the general public in taking action.

The Paris Climate Agency is an accelerator of the local ecological transition.
Since its creation, it has supported the implementation of the Climate Plans of the City of Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolis.

Retrofit my home
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As the Parisian France Rénov’ space, we support co-owners, tenants and professionals in the building and real estate sector in their energy retrofit project.

Act on my habits

We raise awareness and help all local stakeholders to commit to more energy savings to reduce their carbon footprint.

Adapt the city and the living environment

Heatwave, drought, flood, etc. : we promote solutions for dense cities to adapt to climatic hazards and offer solutions to transform and sustainably manage the living environment.

Understand the climate change

We follow and decipher the climate evolution in Paris and around the world and participate in the definition of public policy development.

A key player in the ecological transition

We act on several scales

Beyond Paris, the Paris Climate Agency carries out multi-partner projects at a metropolitan, national and European scale.

Did you know
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Nearly 1/3 of unbuilt spaces in Paris are located in co-ownership: they represent a strong potential for greening.

Our members and founding members

Created in 2010 by the City of Paris with the support of the regional ADEME, the Paris Climate Agency supports the implementation of the Climate Plans of the City of Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolis.

The Parisian France Rénov’ space

As a Local Energy and Climate Agency (ALEC), the Paris Climate Agency is the entry point for advice and support for energy retrofit and the France Rénov’ space in Paris.

It is part of the national FLAME network which brings together all the Local Energy and Climate Agencies in France.

Our premium partner

The Île-de-France Region is a premium partner of the Paris Climate Agency.